Literary Research Section


This division composed of two units ie ; The Library and Ola leaf manuscript conservation unit

  1. Conservation unit Ola leaf manuscripts &
  2. The Library

Conservation unit Ola leaf manuscripts   comprise the collection of  more than 400 manuscripts including OLM of authentic indigenous  medical texts namely   Yogarahnakaraya  Besajja Manjusa, Sarasanksepaya   Waryogasaraya  and many other  OLM including  recipes  written by …..Traditional Medical Practitioners The conservation of Traditional Medical Knowledge (TMK) encrypted in Ola Leaves Manuscripts is one of the important research area in accordance with the vision of Bandaranayake Memorial   Ayurveda Institute.  Hence, OLM conservation unit under the Literary Research Section of BMARI currently carried out the literary research on Review and Documentation of TMK referring OLM already conserved in LRS,  in this institute . The present research include  four areas of  TMK ie ; Desheeya Ess Veda Kama (Treatment for Eye Diseases ), Gedi,Vrana Pilika Veda Kama(Treatment  for Cancer , Wounds  and Abscess) , Vidum Pillisum vedakama ( Moxhi buxion), Sarvanga Vedakama(Treatment for  any physical illness ).

The  LRS  has been published  series of  Thalpathe Pillium  , Thalpathaka Osu Mihima ………………..


  • To explore the traditional medical knowledge mentioned in the OLM and compare with Ayurveda pharmacopeia  or  other Traditional Medical texts eg; Vatikaprakaranaya  and DesheeyaGulikalka potha
  • To trace the traditional recipes and their ingredients available in present scenario if not otherwise look into substitutes
  • To direct the  research teams for preparing  explored  TMK into printed versions within the given time period
  • To finalize the drafts of “  Iparani Vedaduru Osu nana ”  Book  by conservation of TMK indigenous to the country.


The Library

The Library of Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurveda Research Institute  is very specific unit of the institute  facilitating  the researchers to explore TMK from  authentic indigenous medical texts . The library  has been  disseminated  many publications including Ayurveda pharmacopeia Part I,II  and III  in 197…, Desheeya Chikithsa Sangrahaya, Series of Osuthhuru Visithuru   and Sri Lankeya Oushada Sangrahaya so many other  booklets.