Curative services from OPD/IPD.

According the present situation, NCD, accident modern life style threats can cause many complications and disabilities. In this condition paralysis orthopedic problem vertebral column disorders skin disorder, other neurological problem such as Parkinson’s disease and special needs children also treated in the wards. Most number of patients wishes to get indoor treatment from the hospital the accommodation is not enough as well as according the treatment schedule more than 40 days they must be stayed in the ward but it is difficult to get accommodation. So, number of wards must be increased most of the patients are facing difficultly to do their date to day pursuits. Diet is the most important role of management in our medical system secure suitable balance diet should be issued in hygiene condition. Now we are providing diet for patients. 

Services of Ethical Review Committee (ERC).

Services of Pharmacopoeia Committee

Services of Botany section, Plant house, herbal garden

Services of Drug Standardization and Quality Assurance Unit.

Quality Assurance system for Ayurveda and Traditional medicines is of vital importance to countries like Sri Lanka, which are often compelled to import raw materials and medicines from a variety of sources due to economic reasons. The Quality Assurance Laboratory cum Standardization division of BMARI is providing the technical support needed to operate the quality system for Ayurveda and TM in Sri Lanka by monitoring the compliance of products with respect to quality standards at pre and post marketing levels and issuing recommendations based on the findings as per the pharmacopeal references. The primary function of the said concern is to conduct laboratory tests necessary for determining compliance with product safety and quality requirements and to ensure the quality, efficiency and safety before it reaches the consumer.

Services of Literary research unit. (Ola leaf manuscript conservation unit and library)

The Library of Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurveda Research Institute  is very specific unit of the institute  facilitating  the researchers to explore TMK from  authentic indigenous medical texts . The library  has been  disseminated  many publications including Ayurveda pharmacopeia Part I,II  and III  in 197…, Desheeya Chikithsa Sangrahaya, Series of Osuthhuru Visithuru   and Sri Lakeya Oushada Sangrahaya so many other  booklets.

Services of drug manufacturing unit.

Services of project section